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Perčič Construction

We are a family-owned construction company with a tradition of 60 years. After his father retired in 1986, Viljem Perčič started his own construction business as a sole proprietor. In order to execute construction works he founded the Konstrukcije d.o.o construction company in 2004. Today the third generation of the Perčič family works in the field of construction.

Throughout all these years, the Konstrukcije d.o.o. construction company has grown, developed and invested a lot in knowledge and new construction equipment. We have always paid a special attention on preserving the Karst architecture and meaning of the Karst stone in construction and use of materials used in the past combining them with modern ones. In 2010 we started to execute construction works in Italy as well by founding the company Costruzioni Carso s.r.l.

Longstanding success of our business in Slovenia as well as in Italy is by all means a result of high-quality of the executed works and satisfied customers. The credit goes mainly to professional qualification of employees and good interpersonal relationships in the company.

Our Goals

Maintain strong position

Maintain strong position of a quality and distinct company

Upgrade diligence

Upgrade diligence, seriousness, and reliability

Develop and invest

Develop and invest in knowledge and take a step forward towards modern trends in construction business

Maintain confidence

Keep trust of our regular and new customers

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