New Construction

Every building, residential or commercial, that is being constructed from the ground up, is considered new construction. As far as new buildings is concerned, we deal with the construction of residential buildings, commercial, sports, farm, tourist and other buildings.

Making Facades

We make façades of different kinds. You have to be aware that a façade is the mirror of your house, but at the same time also a protection against external influences. With an appropriate façade you will have lower energy costs and improve the quality of your living space.

Construction of Karst Stone Walls

We are the right choice when we talk about construction of Karst stone walls and arrangement of building’s surroundings.

Transport with Heavy Goods Vehicles

We offer you services of transport with heavy goods vehicles.

Rehabilitation, Renovation and Restoration of Buildings

Rehabilitations and renovations of buildings are carried out with the purpose of improving the users’ lives and the corresponding well-being, effectiveness and work. Life expectancy of materials is limited, this is why it is necessary to change and adapt them after a certain period of time.

Sacred Buildings

We execute construction works on sacred and other buildings of cultural heritage. This works are very demanding, as besides heritage protection we must take into account also the regulations of the Institute of the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia.

Excavations and Earthworks

We offer excavations and earthworks with our own construction equipment. Earthworks are divided into excavations and embanking.

Construction equipment rent

At us you can rent construction equipment and mechanization.

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Why choose us?

  • Long experience in construction
  • High quality of executed works
  • Satisfied customers
  • Continuous development and investment in knowledge
  • Professional qualification of employees
  • Reliability
  • Diligence
  • Seriousness

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