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In a modern society, the right for privacy is one of the most important human rights. At KONSTRUKCIJE d.o.o. we are aware of this and respect the privacy of our customers and users, and with their personal data we act responsibly, carefully and in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Slovenia (Law on the Protection of Personal Data ZVOP-2, Official Gazette RS No. 94/07 and GDPR). Access to personal data is permitted only to authorized persons within the company and contractors, to the extent and with the purpose strictly necessary for the smooth running of work processes, the provision of services of the company and the fulfillment of rights and obligations.

Personal data manager

KONSTRUKCIJE d.o.o., Cesta na Lenivec 29, 6210 Sežana (hereinafter KONSTRUKCIJE d.o.o.) is a family-owned construction company with a tradition of 60 years. After his father retired in 1986, Viljem Perčič started his own construction business as a sole proprietor. In order to execute construction works he founded the Konstrukcije d.o.o construction company in 2004. Today the third generation of the Perčič family works in the field of construction.

Throughout all these years, the Konstrukcije d.o.o. construction company has grown, developed and invested a lot in knowledge and new construction equipment. We have always paid a special attention on preserving the Karst architecture and meaning of the Karst stone in construction and use of materials used in the past combining them with modern ones. In 2010 we started to execute construction works in Italy as well by founding the company Costruzioni Carso s.r.l. Longstanding success of our business in Slovenia as well as in Italy is by all means a result of high-quality of the executed works and satisfied customers. The credit goes mainly to professional qualification of employees and good interpersonal relationships in the company.

The company is aware of the importance of protecting personal data. Our customers and visitors are valuable for us, we understand their privacy concerns and we handle their personal data responsibly. We will not use your information under any circumstances without your consent or in any way forward it to third parties or institutions, except in cases specified by law.

Which data we collect?

When you fill out a contact form, you enter your name and e-mail address in system. These are the data that allow our further communication.

How long are we storing data?

The provided personal data will be stored and used only as long as this is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were processed. After completing the purpose of the processing, we will delete your personal information or block access to them.

The purpose of collecting personal data

The purpose of collecting personal information on the website is:
• By completing the contact form you agree to keep your personal information in our database for the purpose of further communication. KONSTRUKCIJE d.o.o. in this case stores and processes your personal information in order to send a response to your inquiry. By filling in the contact form you do not sign up for any mailing list for marketing emails.
• Improves the user experience on our website

What are cookies?

A cookie is a short text that a web site sends to your browser when you visit. Thus, website recognizes you, remembers the information about your visit and provides you with a friendly and easy-to-use online service. By using cookies we customize the content on our website, remember your preferences and record the visit of our online store. Browsing our site is more pleasant, quicker and more effective with cookies.

Why we use cookies?

Cookies are an important mean of keeping fresh and appropriate content that is in accordance with the interests and preferences of each individual user. The reasons for the use of cookies derive from their properties, one of which is to store information about the status of a particular website, cookies help in the execution of various online services (online stores), help to collect various statistics, because they can only monitor the frequency of visiting certain Websites. With the help of cookies, the site manager can evaluate the effectiveness of the design of his website, as well as the relevance of the type and number of ads that he offers to third parties on his website.

List of cookies that we use

Purpose: General Data Protection Regulation.
Cookie time: 1 year

Purpose: General Data Protection Regulation.
Cookie time: 20 years

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Purpose: Page view statistics.
Cookie time: 2 years

Google Analytics __utmc
Purpose: Statistics according to the time of user departure from the site.
Cookie time: When web browser is closed

Google Analytics __utmz
Purpose: Statistics for visits and sales through various channels.
Cookie time: 6 months

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Purpose: To distinguish between users and sessions.
Cookie time: 3 months

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Purpose: Manage the number of Google Analytics requests sent.
Cookie time: 10 minutes

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Purpose: To distinguish between users and sessions.
Cookie time: 24 hours

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